We're Hiring

Our priority hires right now are Operations Engineers and Software Developers

EMR Direct offers our prospective hires the opportunity to gain a rich breadth of experience in an emergent space that is growing quickly. The success of this MIT startup's secure, cloud-based service for sharing patient Protected Health Information (PHI), developed in-house to interoperate with a network of service providers, has been dramatic and we are looking to grow our team.

Our service helps improve the quality of patient care while reducing its cost by allowing different healthcare institutions to share patient information in a secure, identity-verified manner, at a low cost compared to the alternatives, and as never before.

Be a part of the "next big thing" as applications based on this standard, Direct messaging, are trending just like e-commerce and online trading grew as email-based services in the mid-90's. We encourage self-starting, innovative job seekers to send a resume and cover letter to mail@emrdirect.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Operations Engineer (Network and Computer Systems Administrator/DevOps)


-Assessing and maintaining ongoing network capacity and reliability
-Investigating and addressing developer partners' technical questions related to use of our API in their own systems, including authentication to our service from their systems
-Assisting with technical aspects of new account provisioning and ongoing system maintenance--including but not limited to system monitoring and customer configuration changes
-Handling other types of technical, email-based inquiries
-Regular participation in "on call" pool, to respond to occasional, after hours operations tasks
-Collecting and organizing common technical solutions into product enhancement requests and the company's knowledge base
-Recommending and implementing improved process efficiencies within the organization

Additional responsibilities may come to include:

-Customer onboarding management
-Advanced, telephone-based partner developer support
-Application enhancement and/or development
-Management of other team members

Required Qualifications:

-At least two years' (or equivalent) work experience, with at least one year (or equivalent) in information technology
-Bachelor's or Associate's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent experience
-Capable of working under strict security and privacy requirements of healthcare IT
-Familiarity with information systems security policies and procedures, or willingness to quickly get up to speed
-Experience in, or willingness to perform at a high level in, a demanding environment in which many different roles are performed, with ability to respond to changing priorities and ability to identify opportunities to take initiative
-At least six months' experience in network operations support, including but not limited to technical proficiency in a Linux environment

Nice to have:

-Familiarity with Citrix XenServer and/or VMware
-Experience in identity management and/or public key infrastructure
-Experience with DNS, mail servers, the Direct Project, or X.509 PKI
-Experience in software development with .Net, Java, PHP, Ruby, Visual Basic, javascript, or HTML/HTML5

Software Engineer (Software Developer):


-Software Design and Development for one or more products (system and/or application level, according to qualifications and experience)
Products involved may include some or all of the following:

-Software testing, including performance testing and automated acceptance and regression testing
-Supporting software development performed by our custom integration partners who are using our API
-System management and monitoring--once sufficient training has been established, this role will include occasional scheduled rotations through our on-call operations pool in which rare, after hours and weekend time commitments may be required
-Ancillary operational roles within our Certification Authority, pending training, qualifications, and experience level

Required Qualifications:

-At least two years' experience, or equivalent, developing and/or deploying software and/or managing other software engineers
-Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
-Capable of working under strict security and privacy requirements of healthcare IT
-Software development experience with Java, PHP, Linux/Unix, SQL
-Experience in, or willingness to perform at a high level in, a demanding environment in which many roles are performed, often simultaneously, and able to respond to changing priorities

Nice to have:

-Experience in identity management services
-Experience with applications relating to the Direct Project and to X.509 PKI