phiCert™ Certification Authority

phiCert Certificate Services

The phiCert Certification Authority and Registration Authority are operated by EMR Direct. Our services are fully DTAAP accredited by DirectTrust/EHNAC. We issue digital certificates to qualified individuals and organizations who want to send or receive Direct messages, and for other use cases where authentication of identity is required. Your certificate is a critical part of your digital identity. It is used by others to secure documents intended for you and also to confirm the digital signatures that you send to them.

If you would like to use phiCert digital certificate services for your Direct messaging or other applications, please contact us for ordering information.

Document Repository

Please contact us to request a copy of our CP/CPS, Relying Party Agreement, or License Agreement.

Root Certificate

phiCert Direct Root CA Valid until: 04/22/2033
Serial#: 4d 0f 0c 1a 78 f7 4a 21
Thumbprint (SHA1): 3e 03 41 a0 eb 22 7b cb ae 61 73 b7 39 79 cf 3b ca 91 01 a7
Download: CA Certificate  | Current CRL

Trust Anchors for Direct Messaging

End user Direct messaging credentials are issued under the following intermediate certificates:

phiCert Direct Subscriber CA Valid until: 04/24/2028
Serial#: 23 fe 44 5e 37 1e 64 ae
Thumbprint (SHA1): 54 5b b2 59 7b 48 c5 0e 0b df 65 fa b3 87 07 99 5e 20 02 a1
Download: CA Certificate  | Current CRL
phiCert Direct Healthcare CA Valid until: 06/29/2028
Serial#: ‎79 7e 35 02 4c 7e 60 0a
Thumbprint (SHA1): ‎c2 4d a4 ff ff 1a be ce b6 5f bd 78 0b ed 9a 6f 8e f0 70 e5
Download: CA Certificate  | Current CRL
Xyber Direct CA Valid until: 12/31/2030
Serial#: ‎21 8f d0 b5 f3 fc ad 6f
Thumbprint (SHA1): ‎92 00 8d 46 dd 70 a3 8c 61 bd 2e 76 0a ea 9f 68 ce f8 8a 32
Download: CA Certificate  | Current CRL