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EMR Direct Congratulates Several Partners on Completing ONC Certification in Q1 and Q2 2020

Health IT Products Recently Certified for Direct and/or HL7 FHIR Services Using the Interoperability Engine Platform

SAN DIEGO, Calif., July 14, 2020 -- EMR Direct, a leading software developer for secure health information exchange using Direct Messaging, HL7 FHIR, IHE query, and Identity Services, today announced successful certification of additional vendors' products using its popular Interoperability Engine software. Vendors receiving ONC 2015 Edition certification during Q1 and Q2 of 2020 using the EMR Direct platform include:

  • American Medical Solutions Helios
  • EHR One EHR1
  • Health Care 2000 MDVita
  • Health Care Systems HCS eMR
  • iCare EHR
  • Infor-Med Medical Information Systems Praxis EMR
  • Nexus Clinical Nexus EHR
  • Physician EMR IPClinical
  • The Echo Group Visual Health Record
  • ZH Healthcare BlueEHR

EMR Direct's powerful integration tools allow Health IT developers to rapidly and seamlessly enable their own products with the Direct Messaging and HL7 FHIR functionality offered by Interoperability Engine. Integration can connect the customers of these partner products to over 2.4 Million Direct addresses at over 240,000 healthcare organizations nationwide and activate their health data for efficient access as FHIR resources.

EMR Direct's platform makes it easy for developers to enable more effective use of health information across the care continuum, while meeting industry requirements for privacy and security. With the ease of EMR Direct Interoperability Engine implementation, special effort by customers, in-house interoperability subject matter expertise, point to point legal agreements, and fees that increase with the number of connections are no longer necessary.

EMR Direct first certified its Interoperability Engine software for ONC 2015 Edition criteria in November, 2016 and has since worked with numerous existing and new partners to enable these services within their products. Certified capabilities include Direct HISP (Health Information Service Provider) services via custom software integration, XDR service connection for Epic or Meditech EHRs, or SMTP edge connection; HL7 FHIR STU3 or DSTU2; OAuth; and Dynamic Client Registration. Support for SMART, FHIR DSTU2 Argonaut, and Express Lane cross-organizational exchange leveraging UDAP profiles is also available, as is standalone OAuth as a service.

EMR Direct also offers XDM viewing capability, which saves time by allowing phiMail Web users to go right to rendered HTML from XML within the XDM zip file, making human readable data more easily accessible by end users without EMR functionality to view XDM content. A comprehensive API management platform is available to partners using our HL7 FHIR services, which allows our partners to focus on what they do best rather than managing app stores or client app credentials. The phiCert Certification Authority provides certificates for securing FHIR transactions for UDAP use cases or to service other HISPs, and phiMail Direct Messaging enables secure exchange of protected health information over the Internet, with expanded message and attachment size capabilities using phiMail Plus.

About EMR Direct

EMR Direct is headquartered in San Diego, California, and provides Direct Messaging, HL7 FHIR, IHE query, and Identity Services; integration APIs; and the supporting public key infrastructure required for secure health information exchange. EMR Direct also sponsors the development of the UDAP profiles, extensions of OAuth and OpenID Connect which establish a high bar of privacy and trust within the FHIR ecosystem--empowering client applications, healthcare industry and other stakeholder organizations, patients, and other consumers with secure and efficient access to data through open API transactions. The Interoperability Engine platform is ONC 2015 Edition Certified and integrates seamlessly into other applications without requiring expensive, one-off, peer-to-peer interfaces. Hundreds of healthcare IT developers and thousands of healthcare organizations use EMR Direct services to power health information exchange services integrated into their products. Today, our network reaches over 2.4 million healthcare endpoints across the nation, and continues to grow. EMR Direct is committed to protecting patient privacy and data security, improving the quality and coordination of care, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.

Trademark notice: phiCert and the Interoperability Engine "gears" logo are trademarks of EMR Direct. HL7 and FHIR are registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International.