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EMR Direct Announces Interoperability Engine 2021

FHIR Services for Cures Update Requirements and Documentation for Event Notifications via Direct Now Available

SAN DIEGO, Calif., August 10, 2021 -- EMR Direct, a leading developer of software for the secure exchange of health information over the Internet, today announced availability of Interoperability Engine 2021, with new and enhanced functionality designed for ease of deployment, and to meet requirements of the new 2015 Edition Cures Update Health Information Technology (Health IT) certification criteria.

New capabilities introduced in this release allow vendors to rapidly deploy an expanded set of public HL7 FHIR Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), enabling patient access to their electronic health data in addition to business-to-business use cases. The EMR Direct FHIR platform includes native support for SMART and UDAP, which expand scalability and security, and easily accommodate extended workflows such as Carequality participation and federated identity with Tiered OAuth. In line with its mission to simplify interoperability, EMR Direct's API management platform also includes a number of resources to support client app developers at the HealthToGo® App Studio, included with Interoperability Engine data holder enrollment. Developers can approach certification confidently after preparing to test with EMR Direct's certification testing guide. This detailed guidance spells out how to use Interoperability Engine's Application Access APIs and the newer Standardized API for patient and population services with Inferno to successfully certify their products.

EMR Direct's popular sample code libraries have made it easy for vendors to enable broad interoperability; one in four vendors certified for Direct-related criteria under the current ONC 2015 Edition requirements has already integrated EMR Direct software into their products. In addition to custom integrations, EMR Direct's Health Information Service Provider (HISP) services can also be connected to any Health IT using SMTP/POP or XDR endpoints, or used independently through a web browser. Directory services allow EMR Direct HISP customers to locate providers within a nationwide network of over 2.7 million providers. Native support for Direct Message Context through the phiMail API makes light work of sending or receiving Patient Event Notifications via Direct, as required by CMS.

Health IT professionals can sign up for an Interoperability Engine Developer account including access to phiMail and phiQuery component SDKs and a complimentary test Direct address at:

About EMR Direct

EMR Direct is headquartered in San Diego, California, and provides interoperability services, including HL7 FHIR, OAuth, Direct Messaging, IHE query, Identity Services, companion APIs for workflow integration and data accessibility, and, through its phiCert Certification Authority, the supporting public key infrastructure (PKI) required for secure health information exchange. With the goal of simplifying interoperability and enabling custom workflows, EMR Direct's software is easy to deploy and does not require expensive, one-off, peer-to-peer interfaces. EMR Direct is committed to protecting patient privacy, improving the quality and coordination of care, increasing productivity, and reducing costs. The Interoperability Engine platform is ONC 2015 Edition Certified and integrates seamlessly into other applications without requiring expensive, one-off, peer-to-peer interfaces. Hundreds of healthcare IT developers and thousands of healthcare organizations use EMR Direct services to power health information exchange services integrated into their products. Today, our network reaches over 2.7 million healthcare endpoints across the nation, and continues to grow. EMR Direct is committed to protecting patient privacy and data security, improving the quality and coordination of care, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.

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